2019 USATF National Officials' Certification Regulation

February 1, 2019 
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SAFE SPORT & Background Screening

January 10, 2019 
To all certified officials:  When you receive your 30-day notice to renew your background screening, you will have exactly 30 days to complete this process. You will also receive a notice 7 days before your expiration. If you have not completed this requirement, your name will be deleted from the certification chair data base until this is done. The certification chair has no control of this deletion. Please do not call National Office to complain. They now have to manually input this information for ALL Associations and will indeed take time. The certification chair has requested that each certified official PLEASE update your profile regarding your correct email address. Some officials may choose to use different emails that they no longer use on your profile and this will cause a delay in information not only from the certification chair but national office as well. Upon completion of your background screening and you receive your confirmation of "green light," national office has requested that each certified official, send a copy of that page to your certification chair and your certification chair will send a copy to the appropriate personnel. Please do not send it to the membership chair or any other officer. If you should have any questions with your background screening, you can call National Center for Safety Initiatives, 1-866-833-7100 or email them at Contact them only after you are unable to visit the appropriate venue at to complete this process.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email or mobile.
Connie Tolbert-McClinton

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